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Parish Council

Meets 1st Thursday of the month at 7p.m.
Chairperson:   Michael Wilson
Vice Chairperson:  Jan Peters
Secretary:  Michelle Haynes
Other Council Members: Marvin McCurry, Janice Rasheed, Yvette Henderson, Janice Henry & Angela Wilson

Finance Council

Chairperson: Carolyn Morris
Secretary: Linda Vick
Other Council Members: Paul Morris & Diane Levy
Liaison:  Michael Wilson

Parish Commissions

– Food Pantry: Leon Williams & Richard Kimbrough
– Resale Store:  Patricia Buford
– Bereavement:  Janice Henry
– Ministers of Care:  Janice Henry
– Liaison:  Janice Henry & Janice Rasheed

– Minister of Music:   Darryl K. Petty
– Liturgy Committee: Deacon William Pouncy
– Lector/Commentator: Marvin McCurry
– Extraordinary Ministers: Adrienne Curtis and Jewel Austin
– Liaison:  Marvin D. McCurry

– St. Angela Elementary School & Christ the King High School
– Sacramental Prep: Christine Riley
– R.C.I.A.: Christine Riley
– Lectionary Program: Julie Richardson
– Liaison:  Michelle Haynes & Janice Henry

– Fundraising Committee:  Diane Levy
– Grady Anderson Auxiliary Liaison:  Marvin D. McCurry
– Hospitality: Patricia Buford
– Ladies of Peter Claver: Stella Palmer
– Knights of Peter Claver:  Michael Davis
– Legion of Mary: Gerard Dupee
– Men’s Group: Willie Wilson
– Couple’s Ministry: Angela & Michael Wilson
– Travel & Entertainment: Joyce Riley
– Liaison: Yvette Henderson & Angela Wilson

Grady Anderson Auxiliary

Mission and Purpose

The Grady Anderson Auxiliary was established in the year 2000. It is a Parish Life Commission Organization, committed to raising funds to support specific projects to restore, protect, preserve, enhance, and beautify our Church and its properties.

We also are a loyal supporter of other parish organizations and generously donate monies to help cover or offset the costs of endeavors and causes that are aligned with our overarching goal.

By the grace of God – and with the unwavering support of our dedicated members, volunteers, and the community – the Grady Anderson Auxiliary has been able to provide over $61,000 towards various parish ventures.

We humbly ask that you keep our members in your prayers so that we may continue the good work – begun over two decades ago – for many more years to come.